The Chiseler Barber Shop -
We carry an elite range of products to suit the
specific need of the skin and hair.  Our most
popular products are shown below. Please call
or stop by for more information on products,
current promotions and custom options.
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Follique Combats Ingrown Hairs
Follique Ingrown Hair Fighter eliminates ingrown hairs and shaving bumps on the face, neck, and body caused by shaving, waxing and hair removal.
follique:  for Men and Women
follique: for Men and Women
Soothes Razor Bumps, Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs due to shaving or waxing.
shave-aid system
shave-aid system
The key to good skin health in shaved areas are preparation before and conditioning after. Only three steps to a healthy youthful look and feel.
Pride & Power's "Smooth" & "Faces"
Pride & Power's "Smooth" & "Faces"
Contains powerful detergents, antiseptics and moisturizers that completely eliminates follicle infections.