The Chiseler Barber Shop -
The most enjoyed service ever known in a barber shop is still celebrated by many customers at The Chiseler Barber Shop. 
A "Reclined Straight Edge Razor Shave".
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The Chiseler Shave Video
Reclined Shave $20
A completely tranquil experience of an old fashion reclined Straight Edge Razor Shave or Trimmer Shave. This is our top shave service which includes: per-conditioning shaving cream, hot lather, hot towels,
and skin conditioning after shave lotion.
Trimmer Shave $5
Two step Trimmer Shave $8

Nothing is quicker than an “Incline Trimmer Shave” when quick and clean is the order.

Trimmer Beard Trim $7

Experience a detail precision outline to your facial styling and save time while inclined.  
(Enjoy the precision of the razor to the "Trimmer Beard Trim"  services for an additional $3)